Leonid Ryvkin

Mathematician · Maître de conférences in Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1

I am a mathematician working in the field of higher differential geometry. My research interests include multisymplectic geometry, singular foliations, simplicial and graded manifolds.

I will work as a Maître de conférences (Assistant/ Associate professor) at the Institut Camille Jourdan of the University Claude Bernard Lyon 1.

Publications and Preprints

Scientific publications

  1. New Paper: The holonomy of a singular leaf, with Camille Laurent-Gengoux, 2021, Selecta Mathematica, also available on the arXiv:1912.05286.
  2. The L-infinity-algebra of a symplectic manifold, with Bas Janssens and Cornelia Vizman, 2021, the Pacific Journal of Mathematics, available on the arXiv:2012.03836.
  3. The neighbourhood of a singular leaf, with Camille Laurent-Gengoux, 2021, Journal de l'École polytechnique.
  4. On the extension problem for weak moment maps, with Leyli Mammadova, 2021, Homology, Homotopy and Applications, also available on the arXiv:2001.00264.
  5. Multisymplectic actions of compact Lie groups on spheres, with Antonio Michele Miti, 2020, Journal of Symplectic Geometry.
  6. An invitation to multisymplectic geometry, with Tilmann Wurzbacher, Journal of Geometry and Physics, 2019. Also on the arXiv.
  7. Conserved quantities on multisymplectic manifolds, with Tilmann Wurzbacher and Marco Zambon, Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society, 2019. Also on the arXiv.
  8. Observables and Symmetries of n-Plectic Manifolds , BestMasters. Springer Spektrum Verlag, Wiesbaden, 2016.
  9. Existence and unicity of co-moments in multisymplectic geometry. with Tilmann Wurzbacher, Journal of Differential Geometry and Applications, 2015. Also on the arXiv.


  • New paper: Reduction of L-infinity-algebras of observables on multisymplectic manifolds, 2022, with Casey Blacker and Antonio Miti, arXiv:2206.03137
  • On Dirac structures admitting a variational approach, 2021, with Oscar Cosserat, Camille Laurent-Gengoux, Alexei Kotov and Vladimir Salnikov, arXiv:2109.00313


Events and Activities (2020-2022)

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Events and Activities (2019 and before)

Teaching materials

Calculus 2

In the summer term 2021 I was assisting in the teaching of Calculus II, I collected some visualisations from the tutorial sessions here.

Puzzles and hunts

Scavenger Hunt

Alfonso Garmendia and I have created a scavenger hunt for the participants of the SFARS seminar, that we organize. It is still available here, the access code to start the hunt is "Request Mission".

A few elementary riddles and excercises

I know some of the following from Benjamin Böhme, who in turn credits Wim Martens. If you know a source I should refer to for some of them, please let me know.

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More riddles and excercises

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Even More riddles and excercises


Leonid Ryvkin

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